Brooklyn line Terminus cosmos
By Mézières/Christin 
Book Synopsis
On Earth and in space, in the past and the future, greed and the thirst for power place Mankind in immediate danger. The two Galaxity agents’ investigation into the elemental forces appearing on Earth continues. While Laureline, dogged and efficient, follows a promising lead somewhere in outer space, Valerian is struggling to unravel the mysterious events plaguing our 20th century. Demonstrations of fantastic phenomena follow in quick succession, pushing poor Valerian to his limits. And matters will have to be settled simultaneously in New York and on an asteroid on the edge of the galaxy to save our world...
Book Details
  • AuthorMézières/Christin 
  • PublisherCinebook
  • SeriesValerian and Laureline
  • Age Category12 ans +
  • GenreScience fiction